Our Facility

About Server Complete's Jacksonville Data Center

Server Complete, LLC, offers enterprise level web hosting services from our fully redundant SSAE16 certified datacenter at 421 W Church St in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

This is our physical headquarters and flagship location. This building serves as the local carrier hotel for the Northeast Florida area. There is an abundance domestic connectivity available, in addition to several submarine cable systems connecting directly to the Caribbean within the facility.

Network Details

Our AS19531 network was purpose built to allow high levels of automation and to withstand future growth.

We utilize Juniper MX routers in our core and Juniper EX switches in our distribution and access layer. All of our carrier uplinks are delivered over 10-Gigabit optical connections, and we serve each rack with a minimum of 20Gbps of capacity to our distribution layer.

We operate a longhaul MPLS transport network between our Jacksonville datacenter and our primary network Point-of-Presence in Atlanta, GA.

The AS19531 network consists of a blend of:
  • Hibernia Networks - AS5580
  • Cogent Communications - AS174
  • Peering on the Atlanta Internet Exchange
  • Peering on the Jacksonville Internet Exchange

(Subject to change without notice. Contact sales for current network information)

Looking Glass

To test the quality of our network, we have a publically available Looking Glass. The Looking Glass offers download speed tests and tools to test latency and view the routes offered on our network.

Looking Glass

Power Infrastructure

Our Jacksonville facility features a truly N+1 power system for 100% uptime of dual fed equipment. The facility utilizes eight separate utility feeds from JEA, several of which are protected emergency/hospital grids. Due to the existance of International submarine cable systems within the building, it is imperitive that the power infrastructure be extremely robust.

The power system is fully redundant from the transfomers, to the switchgear, to the UPS and generators.

Power system quick facts:
  • Dual Emergency Power Grids
  • Dual Eaton PowerXpert 9395 UPS
  • Multiple 1 Megawatt Onan Generators
  • 30 Day Onsite Fuel Supply
  • 2 Hour Standby Battery Runtime
  • True Category 5 rated building

Cooling Infrastructure

Our Jacksonville datacenter features a fully redundant York cooling system with four 500 Ton chillers. All cooling infrastructure is built within the building, including the cooling towers, for a true Category 5 hurricane rating.

The facility utilizes redundant chilled water loops throughout to service the 350 tons of cooling currently installed on the datacenter floor.

Cooling system quick facts:
  • 1500 Tons N+1 York Chiller System
  • 350 Ton N+1 Liebert CRACs
  • Multiple municipal water feeds to building
  • Onsite artisian well
  • Redundant water loop throughout facility

Building Security

The facility is patrolled 24/7/365 by the onsite security personnel. The building's central network operations center monitors and controls all aspects of the building security and ensures that only authorized individuals are present on the property at any time.

In addition to the nearly 200 cameras on the datacenter floor, the facility in whole has over 1000 security cameras in use .