About Us

Server Complete, LLC, was founded in 2008 to provide high quality, yet affordable webhosting products. We started Server Complete based around our belief that communications and personalization are central to customer satisfaction. To help bolster customer satisfaction we have developed our own custom control panel named Server Command. It centralizes customer billing, ordering, support inquires, and service controls across all products we offer. Server Command provides total account control to our customers.

To learn more about Server Command, please click here.

  • Mission Statement

    Server Complete's mission is simple: provide the best web hosting services to extremely satisfied customers. We stand fully behind our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • Our Support

    Server Complete offers around the clock customer support – 24/7/365, during holidays, and even on February 29th, but only during leap years. Our support team is comprised entirely of trained in-house staff based in the United States. Server Complete does not use inferior outsourced support like other hosting companies.

  • Our Staff

    Server Complete extensively trains all new staff members. We only hire individuals that exhibit both talent and interest in technology and hosting, and who have prior hands-on practical experience. Our comprehensive hiring process guarantees that customer service remains a top priority.

  • Our Promise

    Server Complete promises to provide customers with the best possible level of service, and enterprise level hardware, at an affordable price. We own every piece of our hardware. We own the servers, the networking equipment, and the upstream network services. This allows us to guarantee service performance and customer satisfaction.

  • A Real Company

    Server Complete, LLC, is a privately owned and legally incorporated Limited Liability Company within the State of Florida. We have significant financial investments in our operations and are financially sound. Unlike other web hosting companies, Server Complete is here to stay.

  • cPanel Partner NOC

    As an authorized cPanel Partner NOC, Server Complete can provide licensing services for cPanel/WHM, Enkompass, and CloudLinux. This partnership with cPanel offers great value to customers by providing competitive pricing on these industry standard softwares.


  • I’ve been with Server Complete (running 7 forums & 2 WP sites on 3 servers) since May 2013. Fast, knowledgable responses to the few tickets I’ve needed to submit, great price for a very reliable product. What more can you ask for?-Tracy Perry

  • I have been with sc for going on 2 years now and I have been very impressed with the level of competency of staff and the willingness to go above and beyond to help me get setup initially with some of the custom software I use. If you haven't tried them yet I recommend you to do so-Johny T

  • Server Complete lives up to their reputation with their speedy delivery, knowledgable support team, and competitive pricing. The automation features on the control panel really help eliminate a lot of time and head ache. I am very pleased with my experience with Server Complete thus far.-Charlie Peeples

  • I have been with SC for 3 years roughly and can't complain, the network is super cool and the staff is far out.-The Man


  • I just wanted to tell you guys I had to ticket you yet again the other day for an issue with the network (happened to be on my end) and you guys killed it on the support side of things and I wanted to reach out and thank you for the awesome support.-Dixie

  • Very impressed with Server Completes services. They promise a speedy delivery and that's exactly what you get!-B.A. Lasack

  • The GameTalk company is 6 years old, and at all the time the Server Complete was and is extremely important to our success.-Igor Barros

  • As a novice in the great big world of IT I was very cautious with my first dedicated server buy and was recommended Server Complete. I'm glad for once I followed a friends advice because I could not be more pleased with the friendly staff and services offered. Thank you Server Complete!-Peter Goldstein